Yayoi Kusama New York exhibition


Yayoi_Kusama_I-Who-Have-Arrived-in-Heaven_infinity_2 Yayoi_Kusama_I-Who-Have-Arrived-in-Heaven_infinity_1

Yayoi Kusama New York exhibition: I Who Have Arrived in Heaven at David Zwirner gallery.
Following the success of installations at the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art and The Tate Modern, Yayoi Kusama joins the David Zwirner gallery for her exhibit I Who Have Arrived in Heaven.  The exhibit spans over all three of the gallery’s spaces and includes twenty-seven new large-scale paintings, two infinity rooms and a video installation entitled Manhattan Suicide Addict.  From the biomorphic shapes presented in the paintings to the polka dot laden tentacle formations in the second infinity room, the exhibit functions as an animated playground in which the viewer can consider their own existence in relation to their surroundings. Transcending pop art and minimalism, Kusama’s frenetic work fulfills the question of life and death by means of alluding to autobiographical content and exploring ones place within a given cosmic realm.
Words and picture by LEILA SAMII

David Zwirner Gallery
525 W 19th St
New York, NY 10011
November 8 – December 21, 2013