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In its final days, Le Corbusier exhibition: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes takes visitors on a retrospective journey through the influential oeuvre of Swiss born architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (1887-1965).  The first major exhibition to honor Le Corbusier at the Museum of Modern Art, the exhibit showcases Jeanneret’s megalomaniacal work as an architect, interior designer, writer, artist, city planner, and photographer. From Jeanneret’s animated urban plans for Algiers to the precise model for the iconic Villa Savoye, guest curator Jean-Louis Cohen emphasized Le Corbusier’s focus on the modular dialogue between the interior and exterior in all of the pieces on display. Pieces such as the seashells Jeanneret collected from his seaside property on the gulf of Monte Carlo, juxtaposed with the French mountaintop chapel at Ronchamp whose sculpted concrete roof largely resembles a shell itself distinctly exemplify the architects fascination with the interplay between indoor space and its natural surroundings.
The exhibit was on view at MoMA through September 23rd before moving to Barcelona and Madrid next year.

Words and photographs by Leila Samii

11 W 53rd St
New York, NY 10019