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KATZ best delicatessen in NYC

Friday, June 13th, 2014


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KATZ best delicatessen in NYC
If you’re in New York, don’t hesitate to pass by Katz‘s. There, you will live a singular experience, feel a family atmosphere even if the owner Willy Katz passed away a long time ago.
Katz’s is one of the best Delicatessen in NY with their delicious Salami and Pastrami…, skillfully sliced. While you’re eating, you can’t stop looking at the photo gallery all around, it’s a real Who’s Who in culture, sports and entertainment.
At the end of your meal, get your ticket from the waitress and go to pay to the cashier at the entrance… old time never far!
Photos by Pascal GILLET

205 Easr Houston Street
New York City 10002