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RIVIERAS store opening cocktail

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_4 Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_7 Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_2 Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_11 Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_3 Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_10 Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_1 Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_9 Rivieras_store-opening_traffic-magazine_12

RIVIERAS store opening
In 2009, two handy french guys have decided to dust off a classic shoe: the sandal. Their names as follow: Dan Amzallag and Fabrizio Corveddu, creators of the Rivieras brand. They gave a second life to these comfortable shoes, filled of memories of the fifties. With vivid and bright colors sample shoes, the mediterranean spirit is never far. Manufactured by artisans who are the guarantee of a traditional hand-crafted savoir-faire, the process might lead to slight differences from one model to another. These small differences are making the charm and the DNA of every pair. And finally, after nearly 5 years of existing and many sale points around the world, a first store has opened in Le Marais, rue de Turenne in Paris. To celebrate the occasion, we are invited to Le Café de la Poste, located in front of the store, for a friendly cocktail very à la cool…
Photos by Pascal GILLET


CHANEL ART spring summer 2014

Monday, December 2nd, 2013


chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_2 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_3 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_4 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_18 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_7 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_9 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_10 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_11 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_12 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_13 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_14 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_15 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_16 chanel-art_ss2014_traffic-magazine_17

CHANEL ART spring summer 2014, The Prêt à Porter women collection and accessories for the new summer season! In preview on traffic magazine.
Photo by Pascal Gillet

MMM /CONVERSE, the shoes!

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


MMM_CONVERSE_women-spring-summer_2014_pfw_traffic-magazine_13 MMM_CONVERSE_women-spring-summer_2014_pfw_traffic-magazine_12 MMM_CONVERSE_women-spring-summer_2014_pfw_traffic-magazine_10

MMM /CONVERSE cocktail presentation of their new collaboration… at L’Eclaireur concept store.
Dj’s Natacha (ex AS Dragon)
Photos by Pascal Gillet

12, rue Mahler
75004 Paris