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PAWEL ALTHAMER the neighbors

Monday, April 14th, 2014


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PAWEL ALTHAMER the neighbors
The New Museum presents the first US museum exhibition of the work of Paweł Althamer, the Neighbors.
The exhibition includes a new presentation of the artist’s work, Draftsmen’s Congress, originally presented at the 7th Berlin Biennial (2012). Over the course of the exhibition, the blank white space of the New Museum’s Fourth Floor gallery is transformed through the gradual accumulation of drawings and paintings by Museum visitors and a wide array of invited community organizations. Pawel Althamer also activates the exhibition through a sculptural workshop in which the artist and his collaborators will produce new works during the course of the show. The New Museum provides all paint and drawing materials for this installation.
Photo and video by Pascal GILLET

New Museum 

235 Bowery 
New York, NY 10002