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Paris photo 2010

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Viviane Sassen — Michael Stevenson Galley, Cape Town.

Salon d’art dédié à l’image fixe, Paris Photo réunit, du 18 au 21 novembre 2010, une centaine de galeries et éditeurs internationaux présentant un panorama des expressions photographiques du 21e siècle à nos jours.

Tom HunterPurdy Hicks Gallery, London.

Viktor KopaszHunt Kastner Statement Gallery, Prague.

Nadim Asfar — Tanit Gallery, Munich.

Rune GuneriussenMelanie Rio Gallery, Nantes.

Paris Photo 2010 invite à la découverte des scènes d’Europe centrale et offre un riche programme de rencontres, de conférences et de concours dévoilant des talents émergents. Cette édition 2010 coïncide avec les 30 ans du Mois de la Photo, événement qui fait de Paris la capitale mondiale de la photographie en novembre chaque année.

Karine LavalBonni Benrubi Gallery, New York.

Fabian UnternährerEsther Woerdehoff Gallery, Paris.

Art fair dedicated to the still image, meet Paris Photo from November 18 to 21th 2010 — one hundred international galleries and publishers represented with an overview of photographic expression of the nineteenth century to now. Paris Photo 2010 invites the discovery scene in central Europe and offers a rich program of meetings, conferences and contests uncovering emerging talent. The 2010 edition coincides with the 30th anniversary of Month of Photography. An event that made Paris the world capital of photography in November every year.

Alex PregerYancey Richardson Gallery, New York.

Nadav Kander — Flowers Gallery, London.

Sigurdur Gudmundsson — i8 Gallery, Reykjavik .

William Klein Fifty One Fine Art Photography Gallery, Anvers.

Venue: Carrousel du Louvre, 99 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
: 17th -20th November 2011

Nadav Kander

Monday, February 15th, 2010

© Nadav Kander, Julian Schnabel II, 2007.

© Nadav Kander, Pacific Ocean V (Gladstones 4 Fish), Santa Monica 2001.

© Nadav Kander, Samantha Power, Adviser Washington D.C., 2008.

Nadav Kander, who has received numerous international awards, most recently won the prestigious photo prize Prix Pictet, including in the short list, Andreas Gursky, Ed Burtnsky, Ed Kashi among others. In the same year, he was also awarded the Lucie Award 2009 for best international photographer.

Under the title »Selected«, the gallery presents powerful portraits of artists and well- known figures as well as a variety of landscape series such as “Colour Fields”, “God’s Country”, and “Arctic Circle”. The gallery exhibition will be expanded by the presentation of »Obama’s People« at the Museum THE KENNEDYS. 

The exclusive selection of portrait and landscape photographs presents an exemplary cross-section of the work of Nadav Kander. Portraits of legendary actors such as Michael Caine and Sophia Loren alternate with cinematic scenes which make Benicio del Toro and Christopher Lee appear surprisingly vulnerable and lost. Kander is able to capture the beholder through his secretive pictorial language thus drawing him or her into the mostly mystical scene. This unique atmosphere can be equally detected in the portrayals of musicians such as Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), Michael Stipe (REM), and Boy George. 

The overwhelming snowy landscapes of the polar circle of the series “Arctic Circle” unfold a magical atmosphere as do the night-time shots of fields and the sea-surf of the Pacific Ocean from the series “Colour Fields.” In the series “God’s Country”, Kander documents his trip through American suburbs. Akin to the American art style “New Topographics”, Kander, in his photographs, depicts landscapes and places which have been altered by man. Apart from notes critical of civilization, the pictures, which often appear to be surreal, also broach issues of solitude and doubt.

The series »Obama’s People«, developed in 2008, focuses solely on the administration – members of the cabinet and closest staff members – of the current President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. 

 — Selected
Starting March 20 till April 30 at Camera Work gallery.

— Obama’s People 
Starting March 20 till October 31 at the Museum The Kennedys.