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KATZ best delicatessen in NYC

Friday, June 13th, 2014


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KATZ best delicatessen in NYC
If you’re in New York, don’t hesitate to pass by Katz‘s. There, you will live a singular experience, feel a family atmosphere even if the owner Willy Katz passed away a long time ago.
Katz’s is one of the best Delicatessen in NY with their delicious Salami and Pastrami…, skillfully sliced. While you’re eating, you can’t stop looking at the photo gallery all around, it’s a real Who’s Who in culture, sports and entertainment.
At the end of your meal, get your ticket from the waitress and go to pay to the cashier at the entrance… old time never far!
Photos by Pascal GILLET

205 Easr Houston Street
New York City 10002


THE ELM in Williamsburg

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


the-elm_in_williamsburg_restaurant_new-york_traffic-magazine_6 the-elm_in_williamsburg_restaurant_new-york_traffic-magazine_2 the-elm_in_williamsburg_restaurant_new-york_traffic-magazine_1

THE ELM in Williamsburg
King & Grove (the lifestyle hotel brand) has partnered with Michelin-starred chef Paul Liebrandt, to open The Elm in Williamsburg, considered by many’s as one of the best new restaurants of 2013. If you go there, try the brunch and a glance at the swimming-pool during warmer days!
Photo by Pascal Gillet

160 North 12th Street
Brooklyn NY 11249


DI PALOS little italy

Thursday, April 17th, 2014


di-palos_little-italy_traditional-italian-grocery_ny_traffic-magazine di-palos_little-italy_traditional-italian-grocery_ny_traffic-magazine_4

DI PALOS little italy
One hundred years old, DI PALO’S traditional italian grocery store, located in Little Italy, NY city.
Over there, it smells like in a real Italian. Once you’ve been patient enough for waiting your turn, you will be able to taste and choose some of the best amazing italian products ever, such delicious goat, sheep and cow cheeses (mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino…) Don’t forget amazing salumi, mortadella and prosciutto… for those who like it!
A tasty and friendly classic Little Italy experience !
Photo by Pascal Gillet

Di Palo’s
200 Grand St
New York, NY 10013
b/t Mulberry St & Mott St.

LADUREE STORE front door

Monday, March 10th, 2014


laduree_front-door_culinary_traffic-magazine_3 laduree_front-door_culinary_traffic-magazine_2 laduree_front-door_culinary_traffic-magazine_1

Laduree store, front door…new setting!
“Fabricant de douceurs…”
Photo by Pascal Gillet

16-18 rue Royale
75008 Paris

La Grande Épicerie know-how at work!

Saturday, December 14th, 2013


le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_11 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_13 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_2 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_3 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_4 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_8 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_5 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_6 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_7 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_10 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_&é le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_9

La Grande Épicerie —  know-how at work! The finest delicatessen in Paris, entirely redesigned. A reality and a dream. The address that used to foster the exceptional now displays it. After 18 months’ of renovations, it blends culture, fashion and fine food like no other. As “the” menu of the age, design, photography and literature adopt a culinary feel. Fashionistas become foodistas, the must-haves are cream puffs, and the collections new flavours of macaroons. More than ever before, good taste simply adores good food. What if La Grande Épicerie de Paris became the finest market in France, or even Europe ?
Amazing cocktail party and dj by Ariel Wizman.
Photos by Pascal Gillet


MASSIMO DUTTI opening ceremony

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013


massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine-1 massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine-3 massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine-4 massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine-5 massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine-7 massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine-8 massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine-11 massimo-dutti_opening_ceremony_traffic-magazine-9

MASSIMO DUTTI opening ceremony of the brand with a cocktail at the height of his claim. In fact no less than Albert Adria, brother of Ferran… You guessed it! the dream team of famous and controversial El Buli restaurant (temporarily closed until 2014) was to share different molecular and surprising mouthful with amazing flavors! Over this time, dj’ by Aurore & Sarah of The Sound Of The Season and Manu Catché live concert for happy few!
photo by Pascal Gillet

Massimo Dutti
18, rue de la Paix
75001 Paris