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Thursday, November 28th, 2013


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20 Years of an Artist — If you happened to miss Dean Dempsey’s incredible solo show, Bosi Contemporary, a Lower East Side art gallery based in New York, is now featuring a new large-installation show titled Transparency, featuring the works of post-war Italian artist Salvatore Emblema. Born in Terzigno, a town overlooking Mt. Vesuvius, Salvatore Emblema had spent most of his life in his native Italy. He came to New York on a Rockefeller Grant in the mid 1950s, where he met Rothko and immediately became inspired by color compositions and minimalism, influencing his own work. Working with shadow and light, color and lines, Emblema used stretched sackcloth as canvas for pieces that are now displayed. Transparency is an exhibition spanning the course of 20 years of the artist’s career. Though, New York’s audiences may not know him, his work had multiple solo exhibitions throughout Europe, particularly Italy, during his lifetime.
Words and report by Taylor Ghrist

Bosi Contemporary
48 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
On view until january 11th, 2014