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enigmatic legend

Monday, May 26th, 2014


Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_Russell-Young_traffic-magazine_5 Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_Mr-Brainwash_traffic-magazine Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_Russell-Young_traffic-magazine Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_andy-wahrol_traffic-magazine_2 Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_andy-wahrol_traffic-magazine_1

MARILYN MONROE enigmatic legend
For its new exhibition, Taglialatella gallery tributes to the most revered icon of the 20th century Marilyn Monroe bringing together the works of its great names of Pop Art to offer a range of views on the controversial and enigmatic legend. The exhibition aims to illustrate the incredible persistence of the myth. Entered to the icon row due to artist such Andy Warhol, Marilyn remains a key figure in the American cultural identity. More than fifty years after her death, its modernity is still present in our minds. Latest works of the artist Russell Young (canvas sprinkled with diamond dust) focuses on the attractive power and glamour of the icon.
As artist said: i close the door of my studio with my new paintings inside in hoping that tomorrow, Tinkerbell will have covered them with diamond dust!
Report by Pascal GILLET

Galerie Taglialatella
10/13, rue de Picardie
75003 Paris

MAURICE RENOMA 50th anniversary

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_1 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_14 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_13 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_11 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_9 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_8 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_7 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_6 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_5 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_4 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_3 maurice-renoma_50th-anniversary_traffic-magazine_2

MAURICE RENOMA 50th anniversary
— October 1963, opening of the White House store of the Renoma‘s brothers, Michel and Maurice. Their style upset the conservative dress standards. The shop became rapidly the place to go and a symbol of freedom for a whole generation. Frequently crossed in the store, the intelligentsia of the moment: Dali, Picasso, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Andy Warhol, Jacques Dutronc, Serge Gainsbourg, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint-Laurent, Françoise Hardy, Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Seberg … Today, Maurice Renoma still keen by fashion extends his influence in life style, the Renoma cafe gallery and photographic exhibitions. For the 50th anniversary, a special exhibition with his personal vintage collection will be shown and a book will be specially edited.
Exhibition from 23th october 2013 — 23th January 2014

Photo report by Pascal Gillet

129 bis rue de la Pompe
75116 Paris

John Giorno “the wall’s shout”

Monday, April 15th, 2013

In the new spaces of the Palais de Tokyo, John Giorno presents a new chapter of his Poem Paintings, so extending his research. On the surface of canvases as well as in the monumental scale of the place, he balances his short, spontaneous, powerful poems. He exploits the very specific material and surface of the walls of the Palais de Tokyo, to stencil large letters, which through an interplay of colors and forms give the words back their full intensity and their expressive strength. With “the words of these drawings” – Thanx 4 Nothing, Life is a Killer, A Hurricane in a Drop of Cum, Just Say No to Family Values, Chacun est une Déception Totale– which in the context of the Palais de Tokyo are isolated and magnified, John Giorno yet again succeeds in stirring the poetic imagination and the benchmarks of writing. Recognized as one of the most influential poets of his generation, John Giorno has constantly made his work spill over from the book. For a few years now he has been creating visual poems entitled Poem Paintings from short fragments taken from his texts. Using a very special typography and layout, these elliptical, enigmatic aphorisms or brief sentences are projected on to the surface of a canvas or a wall. These poetic and visual art experiments thus take the poem off the page, confronting it with new contexts. This visual poetry that makes the acidity of the word resonate in strident colors in turn becomes the pictorial space. The writing now becomes a drawing, and the word becomes an image.

Born in 1936, John Giorno was a major figure in the New York underground of the 1960s, a friend of Andy Warhol(who filmed him sleeping in his famous Sleep, 1963) and Robert Rauschenberg as well as of William Burroughs, Allan Ginsberg and Brion Gysin, leading figures of the Beat Generation. In contact with them, he fed into his poetry using the cut-up method, a montage of found texts, and composed his first sound poems. He also thought up new extensions for poetry to make it accessible to everyone. As early as 1965, he founded Giorno Poetry Systems, a label that has issued around 40 albums. In 1968, he created Dial-A-Poem, a telephone poetry service offering audio poems. Dial-A-Poem 2012 retrospective is currently at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Photo. Pascal Gillet

POP and Contemporary American Art

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

The anniversary exhibition Pop and Contemporary American Art, 1960 TO PRESENT is a retrospective of the artists of the Taglialatella gallery who have been exposed during the first year: Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Tom Wesselmann, Russell Young … But the overall purpose is mainly to study the Pop Art movement according a diachronic vision, with an emphasis on contemporary artists such as Robert Longo, Donald Sultan, or Alex Katz.

Galerie Taglialatella
10 rue de Picardie
75003 Paris
+33 1 44 78 23 68
+33 6 82 12 24 80
From October 20th to December 31st, 2011

Andy Warhol, Politics

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

The galerie Taglialatella is very pleased to present the “Andy Warhol – POLITICS ” exhibition Gallery Taglialatella offers a premier selection of Modern and Contemporary fine art in all media, with a special emphasis on the American Pop Art movement. The new Paris gallery showcases American Pop Art and the icon of the movement Andy Warhol, and highlights other famous artists from Keith Haring to Russell Young, Tom Wesselmann, Jim Dine or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

From May 10th to June 30th 2011