JEAN FRANÇOIS LEPAGE inside the mirror


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JEAN FRANÇOIS LEPAGE inside the mirror — Jean-François Lepage’s photography is produced on a knife’s edge : after the photo shoot, the photographer’s hand often comes back to deconstruct and interfere with the body’s anatomy, cutting the negative to build a new, multiple image. The artist willingly speaks of « his material », not so much about the realm of reality, but the material of the negative or positive itself ; hands-on in the gelatine, like a paintbrush in oil and pigments. From these cut, multiplied, recomposed faces and bodies, a complex identity suddenly rises to the surface. The character’s individuality emerges and creates an oscillatory wave that disturbs the peaceful surface of the image, causing it to waiver between seduction and repulsion, sophistication and brutality. These images, with their stripped-­back composition, are inhabited by strangely motionless beings, suspended in their own time and space ; while lost in their dreams and thoughts, they meander through a land where the imaginary world of the photographer, the model and viewer’s imagination project and come together.

(A selection of images from the ‘Memories from the future’ exhibition, presented during the 28th festival of Hyères°

Words by Raphaëlle Stopin — Photo report by Pascal Gillet

Galerie MADE
30, rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris
from November 6th – January 7th 2014