They’re called Petite Friture, Moustache, Superette, Specimen or Goodbye Edison. Names powerful and easy to remember the plethora of new publishers of French furniture and objects chosen to be noticed. Hard to believe in a sluggish economy, but the reality is this: France has never known such a fever in the field of design. In just 3 years, the design market has emerged over French publishing houses, but also design galleries (Ymer & Malta, Next Level Gallery, Fat Gallery Gallery BSL Gallery Gosse…) that since the past ten years.

Before long, their pioneering work, production and marketing of new collections of objects and furniture has set foot in the door or give visibility to a new generation of designers. Their work also gave confidence to this new wave. Now uninhibited, polyglot, it takes risks in selfproduction and open to the world.

Mirror “Witch’s Eye,” Ionna Vautrin

Chair “Remember that you might die,” Pool