Claude Levêque — A Dream Moment!

Claude Lévêque is not a photographer, nor is he an artist who works with photography as Boltanski, Gette, Annette Messager or even Le Gac were in the 1970s. But he is an artist who is constantly making photographs, perhaps even more than photographers themselves. What he records is at once funny and terrible, keen and poetic. Sometimes an observation, sometimes a step aside in reality — as in his others works, which as we know, are made up of tensions between opposite poles, where violence and gentleness, tenderness and terror, mingle and collide. With humor, roars of laughter and a sense of playfulness that delights and, at times, undermines our understanding.This exhibition contains no framed prints. Rather, the images are projected according to different rhythms and in a different formats, accompanied by two neon sculptures in a intimate hanging that maintains associations linked with the images: identification, exploration, observation, research. this is a journey in images from the artist’s universe — that of a major French contemporary artist offering us a glance at his diary, his sketchbook.The title “A dream moment” is, of course, an antiphrasis, a figure of speech in which one expresses an idea by deploying its opposite.

– Text by Michel Nuridsany
– Photo report by Pascal Gillet

5/7 Rue de Fourcy – 75004 Paris
Untill 6th of June 2013