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Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


Robert-Heinecken_moma_traffic-magazine_10 Robert-Heinecken_moma_traffic-magazine_9 Robert-Heinecken_moma_traffic-magazine_8 Robert-Heinecken_moma_traffic-magazine_7 Robert-Heinecken_moma_traffic-magazine_6 Robert-Heinecken_moma_traffic-magazine_5 Robert-Heinecken_moma_traffic-magazine_4

ROBERT HEINECKEN para-photographer
The Moma museum offers first retrospective Object Matter of the groundbreaking work of Robert Heinecken since he died in 2006. He has devoted his life to making art and teaching. He came of age artistically in 1960s Los Angeles, where the burgeoning art scene provided ways to experimentation. Heinecken has always pushed the boundaries between mediums and also between high and popular culture. Heinecken described himself as a para-photographer because his work stood beside or beyond traditional notions of the medium.
Photo report by Pascal GILLET

The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY

SOL LEWITT Mondrian Soho hotel

Monday, June 16th, 2014


SOL LEWITT Mondrian Soho Hotel
The impressive  facade of the Mondrian Soho hotel, viewed of the Lafayette 
street side. Installation by artist Sol Lewitt, tiled with vintage photographs of the 70’s! Scrawls, sign ages and tags…
Photo by Pascal GILLET


Thursday, June 12th, 2014


At the first sight, a vast field of scaffoldings pipes on the frontage building for refurbishment! Who notices the beautiful store located in the trendy heart of the meatpacking district in New York… by luck, aficionados surf on familiar grounds and know exactly where they have to go, as the store is just amazing. It’s worth it!
Photos by Pascal GILLET

exhibition part 2

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


toujours-present_part-2_exhibition_outcast_traffic-magazine_11 toujours-present_part-2_exhibition_outcast_traffic-magazine_10 toujours-present_part-2_exhibition_outcast_traffic-magazine_8 toujours-present_part-2_exhibition_outcast_traffic-magazine_4 toujours-present_exhibition_part-2_outcast_traffic-magazine_9

TOUJOURS PRESENT exhibition part 2
Outcast Inc, held by Geraldine Postel launched her new art gallery with an exhibition named TOUJOURS and PRESENT, near place des Vosges, Paris.
Artist exhibited: Michel Duport, Thomas Lelu, Pascal Humbert, Olivier Metzger, Olivier Zahm, Lilibeth Cuenca, Anna Dubosc & Stephane Argillet…
Report by Pascal GILLET

SINON LE CHAOS exhibition

Monday, June 9th, 2014


sinon-le-chaos_exhibition_traffic-magazine_9 sinon-le-chaos_exhibition_traffic-magazine_8 sinon-le-chaos_exhibition_traffic-magazine_7 sinon-le-chaos_exhibition_traffic-magazine_6 sinon-le-chaos_exhibition_traffic-magazine_5 sinon-le-chaos_exhibition_traffic-magazine_4 sinon-le-chaos_exhibition_traffic-magazine_3

SINON LE CHAOS exhibition
Sinon, le chaos, “Prelude” is a collective exhibition and first part of one year up-coming exhibition season. Five different projects will be presented, all curated by Timothee Chaillou at the new artistic place Appartement, located in the 10th district in Paris and imagined by Nathalie Miltat.


27bis, rue Jacques Louvel Tessier, 75010 Paris
Tuesday – Saturday, 3pm – 7pm
Until 14th June 2014

Photos and video by Pascal GILLET


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014


intersection-of-world_ron-mueck_mœbius_fondation-cartier_traffic-magazine_4 intersection-of-world_ron-mueck_mœbius_fondation-cartier_traffic-magazine_8 intersection-of-world_ron-mueck_mœbius_fondation-cartier_traffic-magazine_3 intersection-of-world_ron-mueck_mœbius_fondation-cartier_traffic-magazine_7 intersection-of-world_ron-mueck_mœbius_fondation-cartier_traffic-magazine_2 intersection-of-world_ron-mueck_mœbius_fondation-cartier_traffic-magazine_6

RON MUECK/MŒBIUS conversation.

Ron Mueck in bed sculpture 2005 (an enormous woman laying down, isolated in solitary reverie) first presented at Fondation Cartier pour L’Art Contemporain, during the exhibition in 2005, might be seen again during the Vivid Memories exhibition. A special conversation project imagined by the Australian sculptor propose a setting with this sculpture surrounded by the page of Mœbius‘ notebook that were shown for the first time in 1999 during the Un monde réel exhibition. It’s all about a confrontation of different scale, the disproportion large of Ron Mueck and the infinitely detailed and meticulous drawings by Mœbius.
Photo report by Pascal GILLET

Fondation Cartier pour L’Art Contemporain
261, boulevard Raspail
75014 Paris
Until 21st September 2014

TOUJOURS PRESENT glasstown confederacy

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


toujours-present_glasstown-confederacy_exhibition_outcast_traffic-magazine toujours-present_glasstown-confederacy_exhibition_outcast_traffic-magazine-3

TOUJOURS PRESENT glasstown confederacy
Outcast Inc, held by Geraldine Postel launched last week her new art gallery with an exhibition named TOUJOURS and PRESENT below her new office, near Place des Vosges. Artist and fashion designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac has presented a singular performance named glasstown confederacy inspired by fictitious world Angria, created by siblings of the Bronte family, first appeared in December 1827.
Photos and video by Pascal GILLET

STREET TAG collage

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


STREET TAG collage
Photo by Pascal GILLET

DESIGNER BOX first anniversary

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


designer-box_la-jeune-rue_exhibition_traffic-magazine_10 designer-box_la-jeune-rue_exhibition_traffic-magazine_9 designer-box_la-jeune-rue_exhibition_traffic-magazine_8 designer-box_la-jeune-rue_exhibition_traffic-magazine_6 designer-box_la-jeune-rue_exhibition_traffic-magazine_5 designer-box_la-jeune-rue_exhibition_traffic-magazine_4

DESIGNER BOX first anniversary
During Designer’s days, Designerbox was invited by La Jeune Rue (the design and fooding project around Rue du Vertbois in Paris, by founder Cedric Naudon) to celebrate its first anniversary with an exhibition named Le design marque son Temps. There was presented the first 12 exclusives boxes realized in the year! (exclusive pieces of design, rare witness to the richness and diversity of creative contemporary design)
Exhibition setting by Alexander FRESH
Photos by Pascal GILLET

5+5 designers, A+A Cooren, Aldo Bakker, Arik Levy, Design MVW, Guillaume Delvigne, Pauline Deltour, Ionna Vautrin, Harri Koskinen, José Lévy, India Mahdavi, Nocc, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, Matali Crasset, Marianne Guedin, OUTOFSTOCK, Pool, Ron Gilad, Sam Baron, Sebastian Bergne, Kazuhiro Yamanaka


enigmatic legend

Monday, May 26th, 2014


Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_Russell-Young_traffic-magazine_5 Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_Mr-Brainwash_traffic-magazine Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_Russell-Young_traffic-magazine Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_andy-wahrol_traffic-magazine_2 Marilyn-Monroe_enigmatic-legend_andy-wahrol_traffic-magazine_1

MARILYN MONROE enigmatic legend
For its new exhibition, Taglialatella gallery tributes to the most revered icon of the 20th century Marilyn Monroe bringing together the works of its great names of Pop Art to offer a range of views on the controversial and enigmatic legend. The exhibition aims to illustrate the incredible persistence of the myth. Entered to the icon row due to artist such Andy Warhol, Marilyn remains a key figure in the American cultural identity. More than fifty years after her death, its modernity is still present in our minds. Latest works of the artist Russell Young (canvas sprinkled with diamond dust) focuses on the attractive power and glamour of the icon.
As artist said: i close the door of my studio with my new paintings inside in hoping that tomorrow, Tinkerbell will have covered them with diamond dust!
Report by Pascal GILLET

Galerie Taglialatella
10/13, rue de Picardie
75003 Paris


Friday, May 23rd, 2014


Italian born photographer Daniele Tedeschi lives in Paris. Energetic and passionate, he dedicates his works to life and its interpretations.
He comes back today with a special photographic project calls Presenza Assenza started few years ago in Italy and still continued today with a compulsive fury!
My hand enters the picture to capture the character and make it appear or disappear from its context and is only depending on my mood
A kind of imaginary quest of itself, of us, of the life which is perhaps a necessary escape?
Most of the black and white photos were shot by using argentic film process with my personal Olympus MIU! Story telling in triptych form, multiple images sequences or stills.
All these stories are mainly buried in my notebooks, themselves locked into an old cardboard suitcase at home. But i’ve decided today to reveal part of this work while reserving some other safe from prying eyes … Waiting for a first book and an exhibition soon…
Photos by Daniele TEDESCHI




Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


Boaz-Vadia_studio-creation_brooklyn_traffic-magazine_3 Boaz-Vadia_studio-creation_brooklyn_traffic-magazine_1

Boaz Vadia is an internationally recognized sculptor who has been working in New York City for over 30 years. Vaadia’s work is sited in many private and public collections and museums throughout the world, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum in Japan.
Visist of his studio, here in Brooklyn…
Photo by Pascal GILLET

Boaz Vaadia Studio
104 Berry St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249


MONUMENTA 2014 film off

Friday, May 16th, 2014


Monumenta 2014 film off
Film of the exhibition setting at the Paris Grand Palais, hosted by russian artist couple Ilya & Emilia KABAKOV…
Photo and video by PASCAL GILLET


Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_17 American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_16 American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_13

Continuing to investigate where are most of the best graffitis in New York city
Photo by Pascal GILLET

vivid memories

Sunday, May 11th, 2014


fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_17 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_16 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_15 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_14 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_13 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_12 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_11 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_10 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_9 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_8 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_7 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_6 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_5 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_4 fondation-cartier_vivid-memories_exhibition_traffic-magazine_3

FONDATION CARTIER vivid memories
In 2014, the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain celebrates 30 years anniversary of a history written hand in hand with artists. For one year, Jean Nouvel’s building will serve as a vibrant arena for artists and works representing everything the Fondation Cartier stands for: creation and discovery, openness to multiple disciplines, progressive voices and ideas… Here is a quick view of the first level of the exhibition with artists such as Cesar, Marc Newsom, Matthew Barney, Bodys Isek Kingelez, Alessandro Mendini, Issey Miyake, Takeshi Kitano, Raymond Hains, Davis Lynch, Jean Michel Alberola…
Photo by Pascal Gillet

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

Thursday, May 8th, 2014


monumenta_2014_ilya&emilia-kabakov_grand-palais_paris_traffic-magazine_5 monumenta_2014_ilya&emilia-kabakov_grand-palais_paris_traffic-magazine_3

Monumenta 2014 Ilya and Emilia Kabakov
Preview of L’etrange Cité exhibition by Russian duo Ilya and Emila Kabakov. Effectively, the art event Monumenta is back at Grand Palais after one year suspension for budget restriction. The exhibition will be open from the 10th May to the 22nd June. More pictures and videos to come very soon!
Photo by Pascal Gillet

MOMA colorfull

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


moma_colorfull_tom-wesselmann_great-american-nude_traffic-magazine moma_colorfull_andy-wahrol_campbells-soup-cans_traffic-magazine.com moma_colorfull_roy-lichtenstein_traffic-magazine moma_colorfull_matthew-barney_de-lama-lamina_2014_traffic-magazine moma_colorfull_marisol-escobar_traffic-magazine moma_colorfull_claes-oldengurg_tartines_traffic-magazine moma_colorfull_andy-wahrol_gold-marylin-monroe_traffic-magazine

MOMA colorfull
Selected artists viewed at the MOMA… on the POP ART color fingerprints!
Photo by Pascal Gillet

11 W 53rd St
New York, NY 10019

MOMA museum architecture

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014


moma-museum_architecture_new-york_traffic-magazine_10 moma-museum_architecture_new-york_traffic-magazine_9 moma-museum_architecture_new-york_traffic-magazine_3 moma-museum_architecture_new-york_traffic-magazine_5 moma-museum_architecture_new-york_traffic-magazine_1 moma-museum_architecture_new-york_traffic-magazine_6 moma-museum_architecture_new-york_traffic-magazine_4

MOMA museum architecture
The model for MoMA is Manhattan itself, says its architect, Yoshio Taniguchi.
The Sculpture Garden is Central Park, and around it is a city with buildings of various functions and purpose. MoMA is a microcosm of Manhattan.
Photo by Pascal gillet


Thursday, May 1st, 2014


Not far from Broadway and Madison avenue, near NIKE TOWN… range of clocks helps you not missing your time!
The town who never sleeps!
Photo by Pascal Gillet


Wednesday, April 30th, 2014


Impossible to escape Pin-Up and Superheroes iconic representations in America… movies, museums, tee-shirts, accessories or even in the street!
They’re everywhere! They pass through out the Pulp Culture of the years 1920th and emerged to the pantheon of the Pop CultureGodlike, they reflect part of our history in the 20th century.
Here in the New York streets, near MOMA.
Photo by Pascal Gillet


Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014


American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_11 American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_10 American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_9 American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_8 American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_7 American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_5 American-graffitis_new-york-city_traffic-magazine_4

— Despite of the anti-graffiti law that the famous british artist BANKSY does not miss an opportunity to mock about (see his graffiti graffiti is a crime)
— Despite of deletion in the Queens (NY) to the epicenter of the hip-hop culture 5 Pointz in last November 2013 (hundreds of graffitis have been destroyed by covering white painting in a hurry in one night by the owner …)
Therefore, best graffitis continue arising in New York cityscapes to give them a more artistic soul ever!
photo by Pascal Gillet

See previous article 5 Pointz on traffic magazine HERE

PAWEL ALTHAMER other works

Monday, April 14th, 2014


PAWEL ALTHAMER other works
Since the early 1990s, Pawel Althamer has established a unique artistic practice featuring an expanded approach to sculptural representation and consistently experimental models of social collaboration. Pawel Althamer is predominantly known for the figurative sculptures he creates of himself, his family, and various other individuals within his community. Beyond simple portraiture, these sculptures, in addition to the other activities he is involved in, highlight the complex social, political, and psychological networks in which he lives and operates.
photo and video by Pascal Gillet

PAWEL ALTHAMER the neighbors

Monday, April 14th, 2014


pawel-althamer_new-museum_new-york_traffic-magazine_4 pawel-althamer_new-museum_new-york_traffic-magazine_3 pawel-althamer_new-museum_new-york_traffic-magazine_2

PAWEL ALTHAMER the neighbors
The New Museum presents the first US museum exhibition of the work of Paweł Althamer, the Neighbors.
The exhibition includes a new presentation of the artist’s work, Draftsmen’s Congress, originally presented at the 7th Berlin Biennial (2012). Over the course of the exhibition, the blank white space of the New Museum’s Fourth Floor gallery is transformed through the gradual accumulation of drawings and paintings by Museum visitors and a wide array of invited community organizations. Pawel Althamer also activates the exhibition through a sculptural workshop in which the artist and his collaborators will produce new works during the course of the show. The New Museum provides all paint and drawing materials for this installation.
Photo and video by Pascal GILLET

New Museum 

235 Bowery 
New York, NY 10002

CLAUDE LEVEQUE at Musée du Louvre

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014


Claude Lévêque at Musée du Louvre, Paris
photo and video by Pascal Gillet

DRAWING NOW, art fair paris

Friday, March 28th, 2014


drawing-now-art-fair_paris_GianLuigi-Toccafondo_traffic-magazine drawing-now-art-fair_paris_Steve-Gianakos_traffic-magazinedrawing-now-art-fair_paris_Gabriella-Giandelli_traffic-magazine drawing-now-art-fair_paris_Sofie-Muller_traffic-magazine drawing-now-art-fair_paris_Nicola-Toffolini_traffic-magazine

DRAWING NOW PARIS is the first contemporary art fair exclusively dedicated to drawing. 87 international galleries, selected by an independent selection committee, will present contemporary drawing of well-known or emerging artists.
Photo and video by Pascal Gillet

Carreau du Temple — Espace Commines
Until Sunday 30th March

video projection

Saturday, March 1st, 2014


PROENZA SCHOULER video projection
photo and video by Pascal Gillet

24, rue de Sèvres
75007 Paris
26th February — 22th March

ARTHUR AUBERT exposition

Friday, February 7th, 2014


arthur-aubert_exposition_fouquets_traffic-magazine_2 arthur-aubert_exposition_fouquets_traffic-magazine_6 arthur-aubert_exposition_fouquets_traffic-magazine_12 arthur-aubert_exposition_fouquets_traffic-magazine_5 arthur-aubert_exposition_fouquets_traffic-magazine_14 arthur-aubert_exposition_fouquets_traffic-magazine_7arthur-aubert_exposition_fouquets_traffic-magazine_11 arthur-aubert_exposition_fouquets_traffic-magazine_9

ARTHUR AUBERT exposition
Young artist photographer Arthur Aubert is graduated of the school of design, graphic art and interior architecture, ESAG, Paris. He exhibited yesterday a solo and private exhibition at the Fouquet’s Barriere hotel in Paris.
Every witness might have a personal reading, understanding and interpretation
Photos report by Pascal Gillet

More of the work and about the philosophy of the artist

ANGEL office muse

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014


Angel statue with roses necklace… Traffic Magazine office, Paris
Photo by Pascal Gillet

EACHxOTHER private

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_11 each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_12 each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_14 each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_16 each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_10 each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_5 each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_9 each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_13 each-x-other_private_presentation_traffic-magazine_1

Private cocktail and presentation of the A/W 2014 collection, launch of the new open-space showroom of the unisex and collaborative brand EACHxOTHER, held by fashion designer Ilan Delouis and artistic director & curator Jenny Mannerheim.
photos by Pascal Gillet

18, rue Commines
75003 PARIS



Tuesday, December 24th, 2013


scultpure-by-the-sea_sydney_2013_traffic-magazine_13 scultpurebythesea_sydney_2013_22 scultpure-by-the-sea_sydney_2013_traffic-magazine_Qian-Sihua scultpure-by-the-sea_sydney_2013_traffic-magazine_David-Mc-Cracken  scultpure-by-the-sea_sydney_2013_traffic-magazine_24 scultpure-by-the-sea_sydney_2013_traffic-magazine_23 scultpure-by-the-sea_sydney_2013_traffic-magazine_20 scultpure-by-the-sea_sydney_2013_traffic-magazine_18 scultpure-by-the-sea_sydney_2013_traffic-magazine_15


The world’s largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney, is back again for a 17th year. At the beginning of the summer, the Australian city customizes her famous beaches with around one hundred giant sculptures created by local and international artists. The exhibition is staged along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk where art and natural landscape amaze citizens and tourists. A nice enterprise from this country even if the mega show is not everyone’s liking.
Photographs & report by Manon Gorgé

Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk
Sydney, Australia
24 October – 10 November 2013

List of the artists on


Tuesday, December 17th, 2013


sebastian-gross-ossa_homeland_traffic-magazine_10 sebastian-gross-ossa_homeland_traffic-magazine_4 sebastian-gross-ossa_homeland_traffic-magazine_5 sebastian-gross-ossa_homeland_traffic-magazine_2 sebastian-gross-ossa_homeland_traffic-magazine_1 sebastian-gross-ossa_homeland_traffic-magazine_9


Recently, I visited my friend Sebastian Gross and his painting studio in Brooklyn to check out a serie he had been working on. Upon walking in, I was greeted by his cat and a glass of prosecco. I spoke to Ossa, regarding his number one influence, german artist Neo Rauch (whose work echoes industrial evolution in urban landscapes) as well as painting influences (deriving from Cubism, Expressionism, and Surrealism), style ranging whenever devised and felt necessary. Within his studio process, Ossa uses real time photographs taken on location, particularly of those in his life and scales them on his stretched canvas. He then creates a luminous atmosphere of great heights, improvised activities, industrial layouts, branding and advertisement overload (his signature is Anti-Gravity), various architectures, and Fifth-Element like vehicles, including flying FedEx automobiles and spaceships (for the thread of conversation regarding modern civilization).
— Born in Chile, Sebastian Gross Ossa now works and lives in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, located in Brooklyn, NY.
— He was previously represented by Pablo’s Birthday art gallery located in downtown Manhattan.

Words and report by Taylor Ghrist


La Grande Épicerie know-how at work!

Saturday, December 14th, 2013


le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_11 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_13 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_2 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_3 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_4 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_8 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_5 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_6 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_7 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_10 le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_&é le-bon-marché_know-how-at-work_traffic-magazine_9

La Grande Épicerie —  know-how at work! The finest delicatessen in Paris, entirely redesigned. A reality and a dream. The address that used to foster the exceptional now displays it. After 18 months’ of renovations, it blends culture, fashion and fine food like no other. As “the” menu of the age, design, photography and literature adopt a culinary feel. Fashionistas become foodistas, the must-haves are cream puffs, and the collections new flavours of macaroons. More than ever before, good taste simply adores good food. What if La Grande Épicerie de Paris became the finest market in France, or even Europe ?
Amazing cocktail party and dj by Ariel Wizman.
Photos by Pascal Gillet


Yayoi Kusama New York exhibition

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013


Yayoi_Kusama_I-Who-Have-Arrived-in-Heaven_infinity_2 Yayoi_Kusama_I-Who-Have-Arrived-in-Heaven_infinity_1

Yayoi Kusama New York exhibition: I Who Have Arrived in Heaven at David Zwirner gallery.
Following the success of installations at the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art and The Tate Modern, Yayoi Kusama joins the David Zwirner gallery for her exhibit I Who Have Arrived in Heaven.  The exhibit spans over all three of the gallery’s spaces and includes twenty-seven new large-scale paintings, two infinity rooms and a video installation entitled Manhattan Suicide Addict.  From the biomorphic shapes presented in the paintings to the polka dot laden tentacle formations in the second infinity room, the exhibit functions as an animated playground in which the viewer can consider their own existence in relation to their surroundings. Transcending pop art and minimalism, Kusama’s frenetic work fulfills the question of life and death by means of alluding to autobiographical content and exploring ones place within a given cosmic realm.
Words and picture by LEILA SAMII

David Zwirner Gallery
525 W 19th St
New York, NY 10011
November 8 – December 21, 2013


URBAN CONCRETE art intoxication

Thursday, November 28th, 2013


Urban concrete — Pantin, Aubervilliers in the nearest suburb of Paris. Follow the line of an Art intoxication!
photo by pascal gillet


Thursday, November 28th, 2013


salvatore_emblema_transparency_traffic-magazine_1 salvatore_emblema_transparency_traffic-magazine_3 salvatore_emblema_transparency_traffic-magazine_5


20 Years of an Artist — If you happened to miss Dean Dempsey’s incredible solo show, Bosi Contemporary, a Lower East Side art gallery based in New York, is now featuring a new large-installation show titled Transparency, featuring the works of post-war Italian artist Salvatore Emblema. Born in Terzigno, a town overlooking Mt. Vesuvius, Salvatore Emblema had spent most of his life in his native Italy. He came to New York on a Rockefeller Grant in the mid 1950s, where he met Rothko and immediately became inspired by color compositions and minimalism, influencing his own work. Working with shadow and light, color and lines, Emblema used stretched sackcloth as canvas for pieces that are now displayed. Transparency is an exhibition spanning the course of 20 years of the artist’s career. Though, New York’s audiences may not know him, his work had multiple solo exhibitions throughout Europe, particularly Italy, during his lifetime.
Words and report by Taylor Ghrist

Bosi Contemporary
48 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
On view until january 11th, 2014



Friday, November 22nd, 2013


laurent-bochet_double-vues_traffic-magazine_1 laurent-bochet_double-vues_traffic-magazine_2 laurent-bochet_double-vues_traffic-magazine_4 laurent-bochet_double-vues_traffic-magazine_5 laurent-bochet_double-vues_traffic-magazine_6 laurent-bochet_double-vues_traffic-magazine_7


Laurent Bochet Double vues — book and exhibition of the photographer Laurent Bochet who followed last summer, the installation of the artist Xavier Veilhan on the roof top of the La Cité Radieuse, built by Le Corbusier in Marseille town in the south of France.
photo report Pascal Gillet

Florence Leoni gallery
151, rue Amelot
75011 Paris
15 novembre – 20 décembre


ONE TWO Exhibition

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


one-two_exhibition_olarindal_madokarindal_traffic-magazine_7 one-two_exhibition_olarindal_madokarindal_traffic-magazine_6 one-two_exhibition_olarindal_madokarindal_traffic-magazine_5 one-two_exhibition_olarindal_madokarindal_traffic-magazine_4 one-two_exhibition_olarindal_madokarindal_traffic-magazine_3 one-two_exhibition_olarindal_madokarindal_traffic-magazine_2

ONE TWO Exhibition by photographer Ola Rindal and graphist designer Madoka Rindal.
Photo report by Pascal Gillet

Galerie OFR
20 rue du Petit-Thouars
75003 Paris
Until tomorrow the 23rd November


HERMES from objects to spaces

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Hermès, from objects to spaces — Hermès’ vision of the home is first and foremost a state of mind. In one creative sweep, Hermès combines elegance, noble materials and exceptional expertise. In 2011, this philosophy was embodied by a finely crafted range of furniture, furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.
The following year, architect Shigeru Ban’s Module H modular system of architectural elements made subtle reference to former Hermès designs from the 1920s and 1930s, particularly those created in collaboration with interior designer Jean-Michel Frank.
Today, Hermès unveils a new collection of cleverly designed furniture, fabrics and wallpapers that tell a story, bespoke pieces showcasing skill and surprise in equal measure. A contemporary vision of the Hermès lifestyle.


hermes_furniture_traffic-magazine_6 hermes_furniture_traffic-magazine_1 hermes_furniture_traffic-magazine_5 hermes_furniture_traffic-magazine_3 hermes_furniture_traffic-magazine_2 hermes_furniture_traffic-magazine_7

“Pieces that exude casual, light elegance with their original shapes, surprising hidden functions and noble materials recalling Hermès’ heritage.”
This is how French designer Philippe Nigro describes the eight valet stands, tidies and occasional seating he has designed. The collection takes its name from the French nécessaires, designating “essential” pieces that, until the 19 th century, held useful everyday utensils manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen.
Each uncluttered, cleverly designed piece in the collection performs several functions.
These essential necessities can be used for sitting down and relaxing, for storage or for concealing incongruous objects. Certain pieces contain concealed or sliding drawers, surprising features that bring a touch of magic to the everyday and offer a solution to the perennial quest for comfort and practicality.
The Carrés d’assise, whose proportions are inspired by Hermès’ silk square scarves, are available in three different heights, meaning that they can be used as occasional seating or as a side table. The bench is inspired by a pommel horse, in reference to the equestrian world. Its ingenious design makes it at once a chair, coffee table and storage unit for a perfect addition to any room.
The Groom valet stand includes a range of storage and hanging features that are both practical and easy to use. Manufactured according to the traditions of high-quality cabinetmaking and upholstering, Les Nécessaires d’Hermès combine craftsmanship and exquisite materials, such as Canaletto walnut wood in warm shades, brushed steel, leather and Hermès fabrics.

The new range of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers evoke Hermès’ preferred themes: horses, animals, plants and the sea. Combined with classic designs, these themes are expressed on hard-wearing yet sophisticated materials that are suitable for soft furnishings and set off some daring graphic patterns. This year’s collection is focused on three themes.
— By the sea is inspired by regattas and faraway beaches. Softened linens, jacquards and cotton twills create a relaxing atmosphere, where yachting prints, succulent plants, nautical patterns and crayoned stripes  evoke faraway travels.
— Precious, available on silk, heavy satin or silk and linen jacquards, showcases ornamentation and constantly changing effects. Spirographie, an incredibly intricate silk jacquard, reveals the richness of ribbon design possibilities that highlight its flamboyant colours and subtle play on shades. Studded with precious stones and meteorites printed in gold, golden brown or chalky colours, Les Minéraux evokes images of old curiosity shops, while Brazil is adorned with ethereal designs of bracelets and feathered hair ornaments inspired by South American Indians.
— The equestrian world is also present with stripes reminiscent of jockey silks  and spurs printed on herringbone canvas and warm jacquards composed of cotton, wool, mohair and cashmere.

2013 collections for the home
Photos by Pascal Gillet


BG BOOM Dusan Reljin

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013



BG BOOM Dusan Reljin — Fashion photographer Dusan Reljin fuses past and present in his latest project, BG BOOM-Dusan Reljin, on display at Milk Gallery. The exhibit harmonizes two sides of Reljin’s life, that of a New York fashion photographer and his upbringing in Serbia, melding them equally into a series of provocative photographs. Each photograph functioning as a collage of its own, the numbered series layers neon images of the wreckage from the 1999 NATO bombing’s in Belgrade with sensual images of some of today’s top models, including Jessica Stam, Daria Werbowy, and Eva Herzigova. The series altogether expresses the dark contrast of Reljin’s life, albeit in a manner that hides the horror of the bombings and screams fashion editorial shoot.

Words and report by Leila Samii

Milk Studios
450 West 15th St.
New York, NY

SERVE THE PEOPLE White Rabbit Gallery

Sunday, October 27th, 2013



Serve the people/White Rabbit Gallery
The White Rabbit Collection is one of the world’s largest and most significant collections of contemporary Chinese art. Founded by Kerr Neilson and Judith Neilson, it focuses on works produced after year 2000.
A slogan of the 1966/76 Cultural Revolution “Serve the People” meant serving the great cause of socialism. Artists were crucial to that effort, but they had to make the right kinds of art: Soviet-style socialist realism or ink painting on revolutionary themes. All other art forms, Western or Chinese were banned and those who dared to practise them were vilified as capitalist-roaders and traitors. The opening up that began in the 80’s led to a more expansive view of artists’ role : now they would serve the people by boosting China’s national image and income. This gallery is now an essential cultural point of Sydney where most of the impressive chinese art is showing but also a quiet place to discover and taste a wide range of the finest Chinese teas.
Photos by Manon Gorgé

30 Balfour St
Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia
30 August 2013—2 February 2014


Monday, October 21st, 2013


Shin-Tanaka_karl-lagerfeld_traffic-magazine_4 Shin-Tanaka_karl-lagerfeld_traffic-magazine_3 Shin-Tanaka_karl-lagerfeld_traffic-magazine_7 Shin-Tanaka_karl-lagerfeld_traffic-magazine_5 Shin-Tanaka_karl-lagerfeld_traffic-magazine_2 Shin-Tanaka_karl-lagerfeld_traffic-magazine_10 Shin-Tanaka_karl-lagerfeld_traffic-magazine_9

At the occasion of the 11th edition of the Parcour Saint Germain in Paris, exhibition of the paper toy artist Shin Tanaka whose work is a mix of Origami and Street Culture.
Photos by Pascal Gillet

194, boulevard Saint Germain
75007 Paris



Thursday, October 10th, 2013


Robert Stadler Philippe Katerine respectively designer and musician produce a musical and theatre performance inspired by the rounded, padded forms of Tephra formations – Irregular bomb, designed by Stadler. Some fifteen scenes describe the life of this singular piece of furniture, which suggests a critical, quirky reinterpretation of bourgeois codes values, and imagines a multitude of other possible uses transcending the conventional use of the sofa. From the complex and ambiguous relationship of the creators with their works – furniture or song – to the fantasy of the snake woman who explores all the sofa’s forms by crawling over it, the sofa become the centre of a series of situations accompanied by singing, the spoken word or silence, leading the viewer on a journey from the serious to the absurd.

Robert Stadler & Philippe Katerine
Tephra formations
Thursday 24th — friday 25th October 2013


Thursday, October 10th, 2013


Aleksandra Mir‘s participation at the 9th Bienal of Mercosur with her new work Satellite Crashes Down into Porto Alegre, Brazil. Partially buried at the shore of the Guaíba waters, Aleksandra Mir’s crashed satellite invites for close inspection and underscores both material and scale, leaving part of the reconstruction work up to our own imagination. This gigantic construction of about 20 meters (over 65 feet) long is entirely made from industrial waste recollected from local factories, and connects the stuff of earthly landfills or underground waste storage with outer space. Confronting us with such uncommon solid physical evidence, the work opens basic questions of a galactic scale. When? Why? Whence?

9th Bienal of Mercosur, Porto Alegre
13 September-10 November 2013



Monday, October 7th, 2013


paola-pivi_galerie-perrotin_traffic-magazine_4 paola-pivi_galerie-perrotin_traffic-magazine_2 paola-pivi_galerie-perrotin_traffic-magazine_1


Housed in the new Madison Avenue home of internationally acclaimed Galerie Perrotin, Paola Pivi’s eight whimsically positioned neon plumed life-size bears welcome visitors into art dealer Emmanuel Perrotin’s world of contemporary wonder.  The inaugural exhibition for the gallery in New York, Paola Pivi’s “Ok, you are better than me, so what?” embodies the audacious nature of the artist.  Known for her Dada-esque technique, Paola Pivi has taken a room full of bears, alarming under realistic circumstances, and has transformed it into a showcase of playfully animated creatures. As a possible homage to the landmark space, which used to be the headquarters of the Bank of New York, Pivi continues the exhibit to the basement floor with “Money machine (true blue, baby I love you)”, a blue stainless steel box that spits out cash and coins on the hour.

Words and pictures by Leila Samïi

Galerie Perrotin
909 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021
September 18th – October 26th

CLAUDE LEVEQUE Je suis venu ici pour me cacher

Saturday, October 5th, 2013


claude-leveque_je-suis-venu-ici-pour-me-cacher-_traffic-magazine_5 claude-leveque_je-suis-venu-ici-pour-me-cacher-_traffic-magazine_2 claude-leveque_je-suis-venu-ici-pour-me-cacher-_traffic-magazine_8 claude-leveque_je-suis-venu-ici-pour-me-cacher-_traffic-magazine_1 claude-leveque_je-suis-venu-ici-pour-me-cacher-_traffic-magazine_4 claude-leveque_je-suis-venu-ici-pour-me-cacher-_traffic-magazine_3

CLAUDE LEVEQUE  Je suis venu ici pour me cacher

CLAUDE LEVEQUE “Je suis venu ici pour me cacher” neon tubes performance exhibition at Mazarine agency on a 2000 m² space. A special collaboration with gallerist Kamel Menour and director of La Mode en Image company Olivier Massart. Cocktail and dj’s ambiance inside and burgers and fries specially cooked by order in the courtyard.
Photos by Pascal Gillet


Saturday, October 5th, 2013


marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_vip_le-purgatoire_victoria-abril_traffic-magazine marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_vip_le-purgatoire_oysters-food_traffic-magazine marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_vip_le-purgatoire_portrait2_traffic-magazine marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_vip_le-purgatoire_simon-liberati_traffic-magazine marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_vip_le-purgatoire_yazbukey_traffic-magazine marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_vip_le-purgatoire_olivier-zahm_monica-pilosio_traffic-magazine marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_vip_le-purgatoire_slypfood_traffic-magazine marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_vip_le-purgatoire__vincent-darre_traffic-magazine

Marie Beltrami Les slypeuses VIP — Cocktail at Le Purgatoire gallery with guest friends: Victoria Abril, Vincent Darré, Yazbukey, Ellen Von Unwerth, Simon Liberati, Olivier Zahm, Christian Louboutin, Fifi Chachnil, Alexis Mabille, Didier Ludot, Dominique Issermann, Suzanne Von Aichinger…
Photos by Pascal Gillet

MARIE BELTRAMI Les slypeuses

Friday, October 4th, 2013


marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_13 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_12 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_11 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_9 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_7 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_6 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_5 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_3 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_2 marie-beltrami_les-slypeuses_le-purgatoire_traffic-magazine_1

Marie Beltrami Les Slypeuses exhibition… Marie Beltrami has been a figure of the surrealist movement in fashion. This time, she exhibited a series of accessories at the PURGATOIRE Alain Cirelli’s gallery. Hats, bags and striptease accessories set on fedora clutch gathered under the title: Des slipes et des souris. This collection was born from my memories of striptease showwoman, she says!
Photos by Pascal Gillet 

ORANGINA involved artist ANDRE

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

ORANGINA involved artist ANDRE

ORANGINA involved artist ANDRE

Orangina collaboration with artist André and offers an exclusive collector box at colette store in limited edition of 500 copies. You also may find pigment prints of this artwork.

213 rue Saint-Honoré
, 75001 Paris


Monday, September 23rd, 2013


le-corbusier_moma_traffic-magazine_3 le-corbusier_moma_traffic-magazine_2

In its final days, Le Corbusier exhibition: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes takes visitors on a retrospective journey through the influential oeuvre of Swiss born architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (1887-1965).  The first major exhibition to honor Le Corbusier at the Museum of Modern Art, the exhibit showcases Jeanneret’s megalomaniacal work as an architect, interior designer, writer, artist, city planner, and photographer. From Jeanneret’s animated urban plans for Algiers to the precise model for the iconic Villa Savoye, guest curator Jean-Louis Cohen emphasized Le Corbusier’s focus on the modular dialogue between the interior and exterior in all of the pieces on display. Pieces such as the seashells Jeanneret collected from his seaside property on the gulf of Monte Carlo, juxtaposed with the French mountaintop chapel at Ronchamp whose sculpted concrete roof largely resembles a shell itself distinctly exemplify the architects fascination with the interplay between indoor space and its natural surroundings.
The exhibit was on view at MoMA through September 23rd before moving to Barcelona and Madrid next year.

Words and photographs by Leila Samii

11 W 53rd St
New York, NY 10019


Maison Baccarat — Cocktail & Presentation

Friday, September 13th, 2013


maison-baccarat_Cocktail_Presentation_traffic-magazine_2maison-baccarat_Cocktail_Presentation_traffic-magazine_6maison-baccarat_Cocktail_Presentation_traffic-magazine_5 maison-baccarat_Cocktail_Presentation_traffic-magazine_4maison-baccarat_Cocktail_Presentation_traffic-magazine_3

Maison Baccarat nous a fait ressentir beauté et perfection cristallisée lors de la présentation de sa nouvelle collection automne/hiver 2013/14.
Bijoux, décoration, arts de la table et luminaires nous ont éblouis dans cet endroit magique de la Cristal Room.
photo by Sophie Demarcq

Maison Baccarat Paris
Cristal Room
11, place des Etats Unis
75116 Paris

Paris graffitis — 13th district!

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013



Paris graffitis are everywhere in the capital.
Therefore, if you’re hanging around Cité de la mode et du design and walking few steps away, you will perhaps have a chance to discover unusual atmospheres while loosing yourself…
Photo by Pascal Gillet

Cité de la mode et du design
34 quai d’ Austerlitz
75013 Paris

Metamorphose, l’exposition par AD magazine

Monday, September 9th, 2013


metamorphose_ad-magazine_traffic-magazine_3metamorphose_ad-magazine_traffic-magazine_4metamorphose_ad-magazine_traffic-magazine_5 metamorphose_ad-magazine_traffic-magazine_6 metamorphose_ad-magazine_traffic-magazine_7 metamorphose_ad-magazine_traffic-magazine_1

Metamorphose, l’exposition proposée par le magazine du groupe Conde Nast AD (intérieur 2013) se situe à l’enclos des Bernardins. Elle invite 15 stars de la décoration internationale à transfigurer cet hôtel particulier du XVII siècle.
Salle à manger-salon, salon de musique, antichambre ou encore jardin, chaque talent de l’exposition Métamorphose interprète à sa façon l’esprit de ces lieux. Élément constructif de l’esprit parisien, l’hôtel particulier raconte autant les évolutions historiques que sociologiques de la capitale. Espace familial mais aussi lieu de réception, centre de culture et d’échange, ces belles demeures cultivent toujours au vingtième siècle leur vocation de promotion des arts. Les projets des décorateurs sont le reflet des expressions artistiques du présent et intègrent complètement la vocation première de ces édifices avec laquelle renoue l’exposition : ériger l’art de vivre à son niveau le plus élevé.

Artistes invités à Métamorphose
Maria Pergay, François-Joseph Graf, Cabinet Alberto Pinto, Pierre Yovanovitch, Christian Biecher, Emerige, Fendi, Vincent Darré, Gilles & Boissier, Charles Zana, Elliott Barnes, Bruno Moinard, Ramy Fischler, Thierry Lemaire, Hubert de Malherbe, Chahan Minassian.

Enclos des Bernardins
47 quai de la Tournelle, 75005 Paris
Exposition du 7 au 22 septembre 2013

Photo by sophie Demarcq

Wangechi Mutu

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Pour sa première rétrospective majeure en Australie, le MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) consacre tout son rez de chaussée à l’artiste Kenyane Wangechi Mutu. L’exposition nous embarque dans un univers surprenant, dérangeant mais aussi captivant. Connue pour ses collages de figures féminines africaines, on y découvre également des installations gigantesques dignes de pays imaginaires… Paysage de collines de scotch à perruques, arbres magiques en laine bouillie, créatures mi-humaine mi-animale et décorations murales ressemblant à des cartes du ciel version cabalistique.C’est donc dans des ambiances de bruns, de rouges et de couleurs terre, dans des odeurs de vin et d’huile et à travers une variété de matériaux bruts et transformés que Wangechi Mutu nous livre une oeuvre fantastique et revendicative. En inventant des chimères, en décomposant des images, en reconstituant des pays aux reliefs presque accidentés, elle dénonce des idées souvent très arrêtées sur la représentation de la femme, elle repense (et panse) ses blessures et celle que son pays d’origine a connu et évoque les problèmes identitaires qui la touchent…
Wangechi Mutu vit et travaille aujourd’hui aux Etats Unis et est considérée comme l’une des artistes contemporains africains les plus importants de ces dernières décennies.

MCA Sydney
140 George Street
The Rocks
Sydney NSW 2000
23 May-14 August 2013

SMEG 500

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Singular object born from a collaboration between Smeg et Fiat 500.
photo by Pascal Gillet

Available at SMEG Store
82, boulevard de Sébastopol, 75003 Paris

Artist JR

Monday, May 20th, 2013

He exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not typical museum visitors. His work mixes Art and Act, talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit.

Graf in Paris

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Walking, talking and looking…
photo by Pascal Gillet

Artist BEN

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

No comment!

N°5 CULTURE CHANEL — 2nd Part!

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Jean Cocteau
, le retour de mademoiselle Chanel, Le nouveau Fémina, N°1, Mars 1954.

Photo report by Pascal Gillet

Palais de tokyo
13, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris
From 5th May to 5th June 2013


Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Centred on the longstanding ties between CHANEL and the arts, N°5 CULTURE CHANEL, imagined by Jean-Louis Froment, reveals the artistic, timeless and iconic essence of the fragrance CHANEL N°5. Built on a subtle interchange of correspondence, this exhibition elucidates CHANEL N°5 and showcases the connections it has to its era and its avant-garde movements. The works of art, photographs, archives, books and diverse objects featured in the exhibition expose some of the multiple inspirations that fuelled the universe and imagination of Mademoiselle Chanel: whether it be her favourite places or creations of her artist, poet and musician friends such as Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Guillaume Apollinaire, Igor Stravinsky, Francis Picabia and Pierre Reverdy. N°5 CULTURE CHANEL reveals a new vision, both intimate and diffuse of the birth of this unique fragrance.

Gardens always go hand in hand with perfume, and so a garden fittingly provides the introductory setting to this exhibition. This novel garden concept is a poetic evocation of N°5, seen through the eyes of Piet Oudolf who here signs his first project in France. A leading figure in the New Perennial movement, Piet Oudolf’s projects are characterized by their strong pictorial relationship to a garden’s composition and layout. Compositions which play largely on the colors and heights of each species selected, express the particular vision of natural planting which underlies all his creations and in particular, his recent projects including the High Line in New York and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.The walk through the garden leads visitors onward to the exhibition entrance. The garden has been created with the support of CHANEL and will be on display throughout the remainder of 2013.

Report to be continued with the best moment of the exhibition… very soon!
Photo by Pascal Gillet

13, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris
From 5th May to 5th June 2013

Claude Levêque — A Dream Moment!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Claude Lévêque is not a photographer, nor is he an artist who works with photography as Boltanski, Gette, Annette Messager or even Le Gac were in the 1970s. But he is an artist who is constantly making photographs, perhaps even more than photographers themselves. What he records is at once funny and terrible, keen and poetic. Sometimes an observation, sometimes a step aside in reality — as in his others works, which as we know, are made up of tensions between opposite poles, where violence and gentleness, tenderness and terror, mingle and collide. With humor, roars of laughter and a sense of playfulness that delights and, at times, undermines our understanding.This exhibition contains no framed prints. Rather, the images are projected according to different rhythms and in a different formats, accompanied by two neon sculptures in a intimate hanging that maintains associations linked with the images: identification, exploration, observation, research. this is a journey in images from the artist’s universe — that of a major French contemporary artist offering us a glance at his diary, his sketchbook.The title “A dream moment” is, of course, an antiphrasis, a figure of speech in which one expresses an idea by deploying its opposite.

– Text by Michel Nuridsany
– Photo report by Pascal Gillet

5/7 Rue de Fourcy – 75004 Paris
Untill 6th of June 2013

Ron Mueck, the film sequence!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

A documentary by Gautier Deblonde has been produced for this exhibition at the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain. Shot dialy in Ron Mueck‘s studio as he produced the new works for the exhibition, this intimate film gives us an incredible opportunity to observe the artist’s very personal creative process… extract!

Film by Gautier Deblonde

Ron Mueck

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Ron Mueck has been invited to present his new sculpture at the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain. This is his first major exhibition in Europe since the hugely successful in 2005. In addition to six important recent sculptures the show includes 3 produced especially for this event. A new film recording their creation has been made for the occasion by Gautier Deblonde. Revealing the reclusive artist at work further emphasizes the sensitivity and power of Ron Mueck‘s sculpture and highlights its particular resonance for our time.

Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain
261, boulevard Raspail, 75014 Paris
april 16 — September 29, 2013

photo report. Pascal Gillet


Monday, April 15th, 2013

The public, accompanied by designer Mademoiselle Maurice is invited to write a personal message and adapt the famous Post-it ® notes and reinvest in achievement-collective performance . This event set at the Palais de Tokyo, is an opportunity to discover a plastic step and a personal universe from a familiar material.

Photo. Pascal Gillet

John Giorno “the wall’s shout”

Monday, April 15th, 2013

In the new spaces of the Palais de Tokyo, John Giorno presents a new chapter of his Poem Paintings, so extending his research. On the surface of canvases as well as in the monumental scale of the place, he balances his short, spontaneous, powerful poems. He exploits the very specific material and surface of the walls of the Palais de Tokyo, to stencil large letters, which through an interplay of colors and forms give the words back their full intensity and their expressive strength. With “the words of these drawings” – Thanx 4 Nothing, Life is a Killer, A Hurricane in a Drop of Cum, Just Say No to Family Values, Chacun est une Déception Totale– which in the context of the Palais de Tokyo are isolated and magnified, John Giorno yet again succeeds in stirring the poetic imagination and the benchmarks of writing. Recognized as one of the most influential poets of his generation, John Giorno has constantly made his work spill over from the book. For a few years now he has been creating visual poems entitled Poem Paintings from short fragments taken from his texts. Using a very special typography and layout, these elliptical, enigmatic aphorisms or brief sentences are projected on to the surface of a canvas or a wall. These poetic and visual art experiments thus take the poem off the page, confronting it with new contexts. This visual poetry that makes the acidity of the word resonate in strident colors in turn becomes the pictorial space. The writing now becomes a drawing, and the word becomes an image.

Born in 1936, John Giorno was a major figure in the New York underground of the 1960s, a friend of Andy Warhol(who filmed him sleeping in his famous Sleep, 1963) and Robert Rauschenberg as well as of William Burroughs, Allan Ginsberg and Brion Gysin, leading figures of the Beat Generation. In contact with them, he fed into his poetry using the cut-up method, a montage of found texts, and composed his first sound poems. He also thought up new extensions for poetry to make it accessible to everyone. As early as 1965, he founded Giorno Poetry Systems, a label that has issued around 40 albums. In 1968, he created Dial-A-Poem, a telephone poetry service offering audio poems. Dial-A-Poem 2012 retrospective is currently at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Photo. Pascal Gillet

Linder/Keith Haring

Friday, April 12th, 2013

As an exhibition is pushing the previous one, you will have one week only to have a chance to see the Linder exhibition while the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, in association with Le CENTQUATRE, is devoting a wide-ranging retrospective to American artist Keith Haring (1958-1990). The exhibition will bear witness to the importance of Haring’s work, in particular its profoundly “political” content, apparent in his work throughout his career.
  Almost 250 pictures on canvas and tarpaulins and from subway walls – as well as twenty monumental works – will be exhibited at Le CENTQUATRE, making this one of the largest presentations of Keith Haring’s works ever.

from 19 Avril — 18 Aout 2013

— Le Cenquatre
5, rue Curial – 75019 Paris

— Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
11, avenue du Président Wilson – 75116 Paris

Photo. Pascal Gillet

Graff in town

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Walls of Brooklyn & Manhattan
Photo. Charles Mercier

Jack Pierson – Ennui (la vie continue)

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Chez Thaddaeus Ropac, les mots deviennent des sculptures et des installations démesurées… La galerie présente le travail de l’artiste Jack Pierson à l’occasion de sa sixième exposition monographique qui comblera les grands comme les petits mais surtout les penseurs… A travers ses compositions typographiques, Jack Pierson propose aux spectateurs de se plonger dans des réflexions tantôt philosophiques, existentielles et oniriques. Un cheminement entre interrogation et connaissance qu’il sous entends avec des mots aux diverses références.

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
Jack Pierson – Ennui (la vie continue)
7, rue Debelleyme , 75003 Paris
2 Mars – 6 Avril 2013

Photo. Manon Gorgé

Louis Vuitton Gallery

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Writing is a travel… every day except sunday from noon to 7pm

Louis Vuitton
l’écriture est un voyage
170 Bd St Germain
75006 Paris


Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

A l’initiative du bureau des élèves de l’école Superieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), les étudiants proposent des projets autour du thème GEANT… en voici quelques-un!

Photo. Pascal Gillet

Espace Beaurepaire
28 Rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris.


Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Once upon a time, near “canal Saint Martin” a brand new big graffiti replaces the old one…

Photo. pascal Gillet

Comics windows

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Interesting windows at the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris… full of Sploosh, Krash, Shruuufff, wooooh!

Photo. Pascal Gillet

Beloved Hair

Monday, February 18th, 2013

At the intersection of anthropology, the history of ancient and contemporary art, fashion and manners, the exhibition examines individual issues of intimacy and sociability through the universal theme of hair.
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Linder, femme/objet

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Exhibition of Linder at the MAM, paris.
1 february — 21 April 21013

The exhibition retraces Linder’s work from her first scalpel-cut-collages through to the large backlit photomontages created with photoshop. This retrospective also features drawings, photographs and performances, including the famous concert at the Hacienda in 1982, which Linder (a vegetarian) gave in a dress made of discarded meat. All materials and means of expression are equally valid for Linder — including her own body — and she describes her work as “auto-montages” Woman or object? This is the question that are constantly asks in her work and which, despite several decades of feminist struggle, still needs to be posed

Joseph Beuys

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Intimate portraits of the iconic German artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) taken in his home and studio in Düsseldorf. Portraits of his performances at the Centre G.Pompidou in 1984 and during his lecture in Germany made ​​by photographer Nicolle A. Meyer (USA): she worked as a model and muse of Guy Bourdin in the 70s which enabled him to develop a friendship with Beuys at the same time. And also, part of the exhibition with the documentation produced by the German photographer and musician Gottfried Tollman who studied with Beuys at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and the German Klaus Behr Hamburg, during the same period. The exhibition includes a number of works and original posters signed by Joseph Beuys.
Black and white picture taken in between 1970 – 1984
Exhibition curated by Nadja Nebas

Rouge 58 Gallery
51, rue de paradis, 75010 Paris
From 13th Frebruary — 3rd April 2013

Photo report. Pascal Gillet

Femme/Objet by LINDER

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Le musée d’Art Moderne de Paris propose une rétrospective consacrée à l’artiste britannique Linder Sterling dite Linder. Le parcours de l’exposition présente les trois grands axes de son travail : les arts visuels, la musique et la mode.Une artiste complète et originale mise à l’honneur…

11 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris
du 1er février au 21 avril 2013

Cassina/Karl Lagerfeld

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Cocktail vernissage à l’occasion de la collaboration photographique entre Karl Lagerfeld et la marque de meuble des frères Cesare et Umberto Cassina… depuis 1927!

Photo. Pascal Gillet

236, boulevard Saint Germain, 75007 Paris

Each x Other

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Art meets fashion…
Rencontre avec l’artiste ecossais Robert Montgomery à l’occasion de l’ouverture de la boutique ephémère de la marque unisexe et collaborative EachxOther au Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

Photo. Pascal Gillet

— Bon Marché Rive Gauche
38, rue de Sevres, 75007 Paris

23 janvier — 16 mars 2013

Paris graff

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Photo by Pascal Gillet

Keith Haring

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Le Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, avec le CENTQUATRE, consacrera une rétrospective de grande envergure à l’artiste américain Keith Haring (1958 – 1990). Cette exposition permettra d’appréhender l’importance de son œuvre et plus particulièrement la nature profondément « politique » de sa démarche, tout au long de sa carrière.

The Political Line
11 avenue du Président Wilson – 75116 Paris

19 avril 2013 – 18 août 2013

Max Snow at Colette

Friday, January 18th, 2013

The Lady of Shalott, until 2nd of february 2013 at Colette.

213 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris

Bubbles of Caviar

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Photo. Pascal Gillet

Viviane Sassen – In and Out of fashion

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Le musée Huis Marseille à Amsterdam nous offre une très belle rétrospective du travail étonnant de la photographe de mode Viviane Sassen. L’exposition s’articule autour de plusieurs thématiques, différents types de présentation et d’impression et propose un parcours depuis ses archives à ses travaux les plus récents. Les jeux de miroir, d’ombres et de couleurs lui permettent de s’approprier le corps comme une forme modelable à l’infini (ou presque) et une matière qui résonne avec le paysage ou les vêtements. Entre séduction, rire, romantisme et témoignage, cette exposition nous confirme le talent de cette artiste photographe atypique dans l’univers de la mode.

Viviane Sassen
In and Out of fashion
15 décembre 2012 – 17 mars 2013

Huis Marseille
Keizersgracht 401
1016 EK Amsterdam

Dans les entrailles du Palais Secret…

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Jeudi dernier, le Palais de Tokyo inaugurait une oeuvre collective au sein de ses coulisses encore méconnues du grand public. Lek, Sowat, Dem189 et tout un tas de trublions issus de la scène graffiti se sont emparés de ce lieu sous terrain, froid et jusqu’alors inhabité. Le résultat est sidérant. La visite se fait sur rendez-vous et en petit groupe ce qui renchérit la dimension mystérieuse de cet espace déjà énigmatique. Les artistes se sont exprimés sur le moindre centimètre carré, du sol au plafond, laissant quelques surprises aux spectateurs les plus observateurs.Ce projet confronte des univers très différents où la violence rencontre quelques notes de douceur qui elle-même s’opposent à des représentations comiques ou ludiques. Les fresques s’entremêlent, se répondent et ne laissent pas indifférents. Alors que certains utilisent la craie ou le crayon, d’autres tapissent les murs de peintures à l’extincteur ou à la bombe. Cette oeuvre, dont on ne connait pas encore l’évolution (disparition ou mutation ?), fait échos à un autre projet de 2010 mené par Lek et Sowat, intitulé le Mausolée. Il s’agit d’une résidence artistique clandestine d’un an dans un espace de 40.000 m2 de ruines d’un supermarché du Nord de Paris. Ces deux artistes mènent en commun la pratique de l’Urbex, l’investissement de lieux en friche, chargés d’histoire – non sans rappeler le Palais de Tokyo, qui les accueille licitement.

Photo. Manon Gorgé

Lek, Sowat, Dem189
Dans les entrailles du Palais Secret
13, avenue du Président Wilson
75 116 Paris
07/12/2012 – 01/09/2013

Hideki Seo

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Hideki Seo, diplomé de l’académie royale de Belgique à Anvers en mars 2005 est, depuis 6 ans, l’assistant styliste de Monsieur Azzedine ALAIA.  La galerie Papel Art ( prononcé papelard) nous présente une rétrospective de son travail personnel ainsi que des pièces uniques encore jamais dévoilées au grand public. Hideki qui puise son inspiration dans des univers aussi variés que le manga, les animaux ou les habitants du grand Nord, construit des collections où les silhouettes se situent à la frontière du vêtement et de la sculpture. Cette galerie qui se concentre principalement sur le papier et son détournement, nous permet de découvrir cet artiste aux créations hybrides ainsi que ses processus de recherches et de construction. L’ occasion de comprendre un cheminement créatif souvent confidentiel.Hideko Seo est présenté pour la première fois en France par la galerie PapelArt.

1, rue Charlemagne
75004 Paris
16 nov – 9 déc 2012

Photo. Manon Gorgé


Tuesday, December 4th, 2012


Only parts of us…

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac announce Only parts of us will ever touch parts of others, a group show curated by Timothée Chaillou. 
Covering twenty years of artistic practice, from the nineties until today, the works featured in the exhibition are all related to collage, montage and fragmentation. The display is itself conceived as a collage in space by the juxtaposition of several mediums (works on paper, wallpaintings, sculptures and videos), the superimposition of works (placed on wallpaintings/wallpapers) and the presence of works composed of mirrors, fragmenting the exhibition and the public.
This project follows on from shows such as Infinite Fold (2010), dedicated to artists who transform the paper’s surface by folding it, and Landscope (2008), which revolved around the notion of landscape in contemporary drawing.

John M Armleder – Jesse Ash – Walead Beshty – Pierre Bismuth – Barbara Breitenfellner – Tom Burr – Anne Collier – Sam Durant – Marcel Dzama – Haris Epaminonda – Angus Fairhurst – Urs Fischer – Brendan Fowler – Luke Fowler – Noa Giniger – Wade Guyton – Robert Heinecken – Camille Henrot – Nathan Hylden – Annette Kelm – Gabriel Kuri – Elad Lassry – Claude Lévêque – Linder – Mathieu Mercier – Jonathan Monk – Sarah Morris – Richard Prince – Collier Schorr – John Stezaker – Catherine Sullivan – Kelley Walker – Gary Webb – Lawrence Weiner – TJ WIlcox – Cerith Wyn Evans

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
7, rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
30 novembre 2012 – 19 janvier 2013

My Bag by JONONE

Friday, October 26th, 2012

My bag par l’artiste  JONONE pour AGNES B

Photo. Pascal Gillet


Friday, October 19th, 2012

Amazing russian dools at Peterhof gallery

25, rue Bonaparte, 75007 paris

Photo. Pascal Gillet

Veronika Doszla

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Comme chaque année, le Parcours Saint-Germain invite de nouveaux artistes à produire et exposer des œuvres originales, organise des rencontres dans les prestigieuses enseignes du quartier emblématique de Saint-Germain-des-Près tels que Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel, Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, l’hôtel Lutétia, le Café des Deux Magots, ou le Café de Flore… perpétuant ainsi la tradition d’un quartier empreint de culture, où l’art a une place primordiale et florissante.
Ainsi Veronika Doszla nous propose l’installation Topographie (les quelques arbres encore intacts) fait référence au fait que la voiture a changé notre façon de regarder le paysage. Ici, le spectateur est invité à marquer un arrêt et à mettre la sculpture en perspective avec les arbres qui l’entourent. À l’intérieur du coffre, on découvre des reproductions de l’image d’une forêt éclairée par des phares de voiture.

Photo. Pascal Gillet

The Space

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

THE SPACE shop, ideally well-situated in a quaint 18th century cobblestone courtyard in the heart of the very chic 6th district of Paris. Dedicated to Art and Fashion this is an evolving hub that hosts both established and up-and-coming designers with international, emerging artists. Tallulah Rufus Isaacs, the resident style maven heads the fashion whilst Julia Tinkerbell Van Hagen curates the Art. Cutting edge fashion labels, established designers and original talent from the art scene come together in this 50m2 premises to pique the curiosity, arouse the senses and inspire personal style. THE SPACE was passed onto the girls by Tallulah’s godmother who founded Vicky Tiel in 1961, with Elizabeth Taylor as a “Couturier”. Tallulah always admired Julia’s unique taste in art and together, the two girls dreamed of a place where fashion and art might come together. Julia remembers clearly receiving a text from Tallulah while in Burning Man reading “I have the keys to THE SPACE, let’s do it!” and thus the concept  was born. Working side by side, or heel by heel, Julia and Tallulah have found a true balance, in which their individual personalities and talents complement each other, making them the best friends and partners in crime, fashion and art.

21 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
Monday to Friday, 10 am-7 pm — Saturday, noon-7 pm

Photo. Pascal Gillet

Claude Levêque chez Louis Vuitton

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Dans le cadre de la dixième édition du  parcours Saint Germain, presentation de l’artiste Claude Leveque.
16 octobre — 30 octobre 2012

Photo. Pascal Gillet

Peter Coffin at Venus over Manhattan

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Le Venus over Manhattan est LE nouvel espace New Yorkais dédié à l’art. Situé sur Madison avenue, dans le même building que la fameuse Gagosian gallery, ce lieu d’échange artistique proposera des évènements hors normes grâce à des collaborations avec des artistes, des marchands, des collectionneurs, des conservateurs et d’autres institutions liées à ce domaine. Il a ouvert ses portes il y a quelques mois et présente son troisième show sans demi mesure. Peter Coffin, artiste emblématique de l’art contemporain américain (représenté par Perrotin) est à l’honneur et nous dévoile ses récents travaux à travers une exposition intitulée A,E,I,O,U à la hauteur de son talent, on peut le dire : énorme… Entre son (un haut parleur diffuse des cris d’animaux en boucle), vidéo (la projection d’un feu de bois défile sur un mur), sculpture, dessin et (genre de) peinture, le cheminement entre chacune de ses oeuvres se savoure tandis que nos sens s’éveillent les uns après les autres (ou tous en même temps).
Il s’agit d’une vraie bouffée d’air frais où l’humour ne manque pas d’air !

Peter Coffin – A,E,I,O,U
September 21th – November 2nd 2012
Venus over Manhattan
980 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, USA

Photo. Manon Gorgé

Antonio Lopez exhibition

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Depuis le 7 septembre et jusqu’au 20 octobre, se tient à New York, à la galerie The Suzanne Geiss Company, une sublime rétrospective sur le travail d’Antonio Lopez. Illustrateur de mode de génie, il aura collaboré avec les plus grands magazines : Vogue, Interview, The New York times, ELLE… mais aura aussi été une figure emblématique et incontournable de ce microcosme sexy-glamour qu’était l’univers de la mode entre les années 70 et 90. Ami proche de Karl Lagerfeld, d’ Yves Saint Laurent et d’autres créateurs phares de l’époque, Antonio entretenait également des relations particulières avec ses muses, les Antonio girls, qu’il photographiait avec son Polaroïd et dont les photos sont devenues cultes aujourd’hui – Jerry Hall, Grace Jones, Jane Forth, Pat Cleveland inspiraient la mode et le travail d’Antonio Lopez. Son travail témoigne alors de l’effervescence de cette époque où l’extravagance régnait. Son coup de crayon, ses photographies et les couvertures vintage font de cette exposition, la plus importantes de ses travaux jamais réunis à New York depuis 2001.Il fut emporté en 1987 victime du sida.

Antonio’s world
7 septembre – 20 octobre 2012
The Suzanne Geiss Company
76 Grand street
NY 10013

Photo. Manon Gorgé

10 Corso Como, un monde à part!

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Alors que nous apprenons fraîchement l’annonce de la collaboration du concept store milanais 10 Corso Como et de la boutique de luxe en ligne thecorner.com, nous décidons de vous dévoiler ce fabuleux espace (ancien garage désaffecté)… son intérieur,  sa terrasse et le mobilier très inspiré qui le caractérise tant. Des choix design envahis de noir et blanc du fameux logo créé par Kris Ruhs côtoient une sélection ultra pointue de créateurs, se fondent dans le jardin d’en haut et se font plus discrets dans la galerie d’art située au premier étage. Nous voici transportés dans une flore de métal, de verre et de céramique où l’amour de la nature semble rattraper celui du luxe !

Corso Como
1020154 Milano

Photo. Manon Gorgé

Justin Lee Stansfield at RA

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Justin Lee Stansfield est un artiste dont les oeuvres reflètent sa double formation : peinture et philosophie. Il est actuellement exposé dans le magnifique espace RA à Anvers et propose une série de peintures réalisées autour du thème de “l’entrée” comme potentiel à tout point de départ. La mélancolie des couleurs ou des regards des sujets rencontrent l’humour et l’ironie. L’artiste a choisi de mêler les médiums, de mixer la présentation de ses toiles (au sol, en accumulation, seule…), de jouer sur les transparences et les nuances de blanc mais sans jamais brouiller le spectateur. Une exposition complexe de par les détails que recèle chaque pièce mais aussi étrangement apaisante… RA, qui compte parmi l’une des boutiques multimarques les plus intéressantes de la planète mode, excèle autant dans sa sélection prêt à porter que dans ses choix artistiques.

RA bvba
13 2000 Antwerp

Entrance – Justin Lee Stansfield
8 août  – 9 septembre 2012

Photo. Manon Gorgé


Monday, July 16th, 2012

Opticon est une exposition consacrée au travail de Philippe Découflé et qui s’inscrit en parallèle à son spectacle Solo. Les portes de l’exposition à la Villette viennent à peine de se fermer et les sensations éprouvées restent celles d’un voyage surréaliste! Un parcours à mi-chemin entre art contemporain et entre-sort forain qui n’aurait pas réussi à prendre tout son sens sans le public dont le corps et l’esprit sont sans cesse stimulés, bouleversés, dérangés ou excités. Les installations découfléennes, l’immensité du lieu qui les abrite et les expérimentations que l’on nous propose nous auront fait découvrir l’univers d’un chorégraphe et danseur de génie. Un électron libre aussi farfelu que rigoureux qui a fait de moi une saltimbanque passagère…

Photo. Manon Gorgé

American Dreamers

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Le rêve américain a-t-il encore sa place dans l’Amérique actuelle ? C’est un peu la question que cette exposition soulève!
C’est au cœur du sublime Palazzo Strozzi à Florence qu’une dizaine d’artistes américains nous proposent leur vision de l’American way of life à travers un parcours étonnant et très varié. Quand certains flirtent avec l’imaginaire de façon onirique et fantasmagorique, d’autres nous invitent dans un univers beaucoup plus sombre et inquiétant.
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Pitti bimbo 2012

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

L’édition 2012 du Pitti Bimbo qui se déroulait ce week-end sous le cagnard Florentin n’a pas lésiné sur la déco ! Wonderfood est le thème transversal du salon Pitti Immagine 2012 mais leur interprétation scénographique chez l’enfant nous aura plutôt transporté au coeur d’une ferme idéalisée et so romantique… Même si la mode Italienne y est ici fortement représentée avec ses clichés d’élégance et son faible pour le mauvais goût (profusion de robes cérémonie, exagération des voiles, rubans, de tulle, des paillettes et des volumes extravagants !), le Hand-Made et le retour à l’authentique s’est fait sa place notamment dans la partie objet et mobilier : un régal d’imagination qui peine à se faire entendre depuis quelques saisons.

Photo. Manon Gorgé

Lost Marbles

Monday, June 11th, 2012

La banlieue n’est pas aussi terrible que le profil en tirait Jean Luc Godard¹. Il s’y passe des choses passionnantes! Cela parait certainement naïf mais il est encore rare d’observer les curieux d’art s’aventurer au-delà du périphérique pour y découvrir la création émergente. Et pourtant, Lost Marbles vaut le détour!
C’est dans une ancienne marbrerie, utilisée pour la première fois comme lieu d’exposition, que Théodore Fivel et Marianne Vitale nous invitent à découvrir leurs récents travaux. Paradoxalement ici, c’est le bois que ces deux artistes exploitent avec brio.
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Polite post cards